I will be heading to the Arnold City Hall this evening with SouthernInvestigationsLLC. at my side as we listen to our “elected” officials and pro-temp officials speak for the first time in one year and I might have a few questions from our citizens to ask.

Becoming the Director of Missouri for the Special Forces of Liberty meant I was here to stay for the next four years to:

  • Help our citizens and improve economic stability
  • Try to bring forth better protections for citizens from all crimes against humanity and our for our workers too
  • Help my fellow veterans and homeless NOW, not later!
  • Complete “The Dynamic Shift” Project with PotterConsultantsLLC.
  • Help bring Nomoretears21:4 launch with all 7 partners as they grow into who they are and bring others aboard
  • And finally, to be here long enough so I know I’m going to be here so i can see them help all of these young men who have been trafficked or victimized in this world.

Truthfully, I could keep going on and on. My dreams are high. My passions run deep.

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~€ Tiffany Marler 🌹

Cofounder/Board Member of Nomoretears21:4 and Author of “Dynamic Shift: From Chains to Becoming a Powerful Leader in the Fight to End Sexual Slavery”.